*Raw* Mango Pie

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It’s nonsense to think you can’t do it.  To think you can’t have healthy and delicious in the same spoonful. Below is an oldie but goodie (and by goodie I mean… one of my favorite desserts of all time). This one was a real game changer for me. 4 ingredients. Color like wow. And so simple, so sweet. *Raw* Mango Pie Crust: 1. Process 1 cup almonds with 3/4 cup dates. To check whether or not you’ve processed it enough, squeeze a bit between your fingers. It should stick together. If it doesn’t, add more dates. Press this crust into the bottom of a glass dish

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3 of my worst moves


I’ve made a lot of good moves in my life.  Great moves, actually. Moves that worked out just how I thought they would. But that’s not what’s on my mind today. I’m thinking, instead, of those “well, this didn’t work out exactly as planned” moves. “Brilliant” ideas that tanked. Risks that left me heartbroken. Because those moves, of course, the ones that made me feel like a big fat failure… frustrated, confused, and sometimes completely destroyed, also made me feel strangely alive. Those moves, those “mistakes” made me feel… well, fire.  They made me feel something more.  In that spirit, make a list of three of the

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Old voicemails + handfuls of ticket stubs

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We’re a quarter of the way through 2014.  And today is the first day of spring. So you know the drill – time to shed the old, give birth to something new, yes? It might sound repetitive, cliche even, but really, it’s an opportunity. We can take it or leave it. Just keep in mind, if you do things the way you’ve always done, you’ll get the same thing you’ve always got.  On that note, question for you: In which part(s) of your life do you hold on too tight to the way things used to be? For instance, in my life “holding

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Why She’s Thin

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It’s hard not to stare at beautiful people, no? Even harder when they’re topless. I just got back from a week in Tulum, a beach town in Mexico, two hours and a world away from Cancun’s megaresorts. My first day in Tulum I couldn’t help but notice. Thin bodies with sun kissed skin. Men and women both. They moved effortlessly, barefoot, through sand and water. Their knees didn’t ache, their backs didn’t strain (damn them!). They carried babies on their hips, pushed catamarans from shore through crashing waves. Did I mention they were thin? Not the “diet” kind of thin or “gym membership” kind of thin or

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Travel therapy, an ode to Tulum


Tulum, I thank you. For existing where virgin sand meets shades of clear blue. I thank you for every sunrise calling out to me in my sleep. “Come now and see the morning,” Waking me gently. I thank you for making it so easy to boldly say “yes” to another day. I thank you for the wanderers you speak to, for how you subtly attract them then hold them tight, squeeze them, fill them with enough light, enough love that they overflow with peace and their restlessness succumbs to the stillness of your arms. Tulum, I thank you. For your

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On Winter, Wilted Kale + Eating For One


I rush through meals sometimes too. Of course I do.  Or read emails, or watch “The Bachelor” (Juan Pablo is growing on me), standing as I eat. Because in theory, eating alone is just straight up depressing. A single plate, a single meal, a single… you.  Friends tell me it’s why they don’t buy fresh food. Because since they’re only making meals for one, the unused produce quickly goes bad. They tell me it’s why they don’t cook at home. Because they’ve got no one to serve. But someday (!) they say, they’ll cook. And that’s when they’ll host dinner parties too (when they’ve

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*Raw* Peppermint Patties

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Did you think I forgot about you?  Not at all! It’s been a busy few weeks, yes, but good busy. My short little clip on Chronicle (!) landed me tons of new clients… and roughly 400 truffles later I’m psyched to report that all orders are complete. And no, I’m still not sick of chocolate. I’m also finishing up co-leading Team J+A’s my most popular detox program yet, with over 60 participants saying they’ve “lost weight” “never felt better” and “don’t think they’ll ever stop eating this way.” If this isn’t the point of my work, engaging with you, hearing your story, celebrating your success,

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