*Raw* Oreo Blizzard

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What were your summers like as a kid? Can you remember? My four best friends and I played in streams, built forts in trees, and scripted musicals to perform for our parents (yes, this continued until high school and yes, we were clearly the cool kids). One of my favorite memories though, is of biking a mile down the road. Our first stop would be in the magazine section of the closest pharmacy. You see, we were big, and I mean big *NSync fans. We’d pull every teeny bopper magazine from the shelf, take a seat on the floor of the pharmacy (little weird

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*Raw* Bittersweet Chocolate Tartlet with Maple Coconut Cream

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These past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with a new diet. The protocol for this diet was developed by a neurosurgeon who’s spent her life studying the connection between the digestive system and the brain. With the goal to heal the gut, to reestablish a healthy balance of bacteria (imbalances lead to anything from allergies to depression and ADHD), she suggests a diet full of bone broth, steamed veggies, and probiotics (kimchi, kefir, etc.). Processed foods are restricted, of course, as are most raw foods for now (ouch, that’s a toughie), grains, fruit, and other natural sweeteners… Wait, rewind. Did you catch that last part? No natural sweeteners. 

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Quit Thinking About Your Dreams


“What are your dreams?” You’ve been asked it since you were a kid, right? I start coaching sessions with a similar question: “What do you want?” Clear and simple. Or so you’d think. But after so many awkward silences and blank stares, I’ve come to realize that articulating desire, envisioning dreams is something that comes much more naturally to a fourth grader. By the time we hit our 20′s (or if we’re lucky, not til’ our 30′s) something happens. After years of working toward goals (achieving some, falling short of others), years piling on responsibility after responsibility, and years building a life influenced by our

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*Raw* Mayan Chocolate Energy Balls

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What are you planning to do around 3 pm today? Wait in line at Sbucks? Hang on Gchat to pass the time? Do a little online shopping, perhaps? More importantly, how do you plan to feel? Will you be wide awake, ready to par-tay? Or struggling to keep your eyes open, counting down the minutes til’ you can go home and crash? If you’re anything like me, 3 pm is a critical time.  Before I got on my health kick, whether on a train or mid conversation, my body would go into shut down mode. That afternoon slump was seriously kicking my butt.  Now? The

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*Raw* Mango Pie

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It’s nonsense to think you can’t do it.  To think you can’t have healthy and delicious in the same spoonful. Below is an oldie but goodie (and by goodie I mean… one of my favorite desserts of all time). This one was a real game changer for me. 4 ingredients. Color like wow. And so simple, so sweet. *Raw* Mango Pie Crust: 1. Process 1 cup almonds with 3/4 cup dates. To check whether or not you’ve processed it enough, squeeze a bit between your fingers. It should stick together. If it doesn’t, add more dates. Press this crust into the bottom of a glass dish

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3 of my worst moves


I’ve made a lot of good moves in my life.  Great moves, actually. Moves that worked out just how I thought they would. But that’s not what’s on my mind today. I’m thinking, instead, of those “well, this didn’t work out exactly as planned” moves. “Brilliant” ideas that tanked. Risks that left me heartbroken. Because those moves, of course, the ones that made me feel like a big fat failure… frustrated, confused, and sometimes completely destroyed, also made me feel strangely alive. Those moves, those “mistakes” made me feel… well, fire.  They made me feel something more.  In that spirit, make a list of three of the

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Old voicemails + handfuls of ticket stubs

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We’re a quarter of the way through 2014.  And today is the first day of spring. So you know the drill – time to shed the old, give birth to something new, yes? It might sound repetitive, cliche even, but really, it’s an opportunity. We can take it or leave it. Just keep in mind, if you do things the way you’ve always done, you’ll get the same thing you’ve always got.  On that note, question for you: In which part(s) of your life do you hold on too tight to the way things used to be? For instance, in my life “holding

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